2012 Small Business Marketing Survey


As a small business marketer with a limited budget, it is critical to spend wisely. Pitney Bowes created the 2012 Small Business Marketing Survey to help you understand just where to focus your marketing dollars. It provides answers to key questions on the mind of every small business marketer: How are my competitors communicating with their customers? Which emerging channels should I consider using in my marketing program? What opportunities am I missing? 

Download your free copy to learn:  

    • How 750 small businesses are communicating with their customers 

    • How other companies are embracing emerging marketing channels like QR codes and social media

    • What gaps and opportunities may exist in your own programs to help you communicate more effectively with your customers

Small Business Marketing Survey
Download the 2012 Pitney Bowes Small Business Marketing Survey report to learn how SMBs communicate with their customers.
Small Business Marketing Survey
Download The Survey Report

With new customer communications channels emerging all the time, it is hard to know where to best allocate your efforts. The Small Business Marketing Survey data provides invaluable insights for the small business marketer, helping you evaluate yourself versus your peers and ultimately improve the quality of your marketing and communications programs.

In addition to the data and insights, the Small Business Marketing Survey also includes dozens of practical ideas, trends and best practices that you can use in your next campaign.

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