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Your Website Needs Fixing to Reach Mobile Customers


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My website needs fixing?” you say. Yes, chances are that it does, according to a huge study by BIA/ Kelsey.

In their analysis of 1 million SMB websites, they found that over 93% didn’t display correctly on smartphones and tablet computers. At best, this means your efforts to build a great looking site are lost on mobile consumers, but at worst, your website may be completely unreadable. So unless you are in the small minority of businesses whose websites are mobile-optimized, something needs fixing, and soon!

Why the urgency? As we’ve covered on this blog, mobile use is skyrocketing among consumers, and it’s no longer a channel that small businesses can ignore. In fact, a mobile optimized website is a minimum requirement to get a “seat at the table” in the new world of the mobile-enabled consumer. Without a mobile optimized site, mobile customers will simply go elsewhere to find what they need, and you will miss out on walk-in business through local searches by on-the-go consumers.

Are you one of the few small businesses who has already optimized your website for mobile? As the report highlights, there may be work for you to do as well, given that six out of ten SMB websites failed to put a phone number on the homepage of their website. This is a simple, but important part of mobile optimization, for several reasons.  First of all, it just makes things easier – if a customer has looked you up in order to get directions or ask a quick question, why make them click through one or two more times to get what they need?  The design principle here is to put the information front-and-center that 80% of the people want 80% of the time. Another reason is that mobile data costs money for many mobile users, so the fewer pages they need to click through the less it costs to get what they need from you.

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The good news is that mobile websites are easier and far less expensive than you might think, and with the right tools, you can create a mobile website in no time at all. Don’t be stuck in the “non-mobile” majority!

What Next

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What about you? How does your website look on a mobile devices? Has this article helped guide your thinking? Please share your thoughts below, we’d love to hear from you!

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