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In a way, we’re all selfish. Although that seems a bit cynical, it’s the basic understanding that drives effective email marketing offers — and marketing in general, to be honest. More precisely, we tend to operate according to WIIFM,What’s In It For Me? Think about it this way: would you be willing to hand over your contact information or your money unless there were some special value in it for you?

Creating Your Email Marketing Offers

Special value can take many forms. Maybe it’s a free product trial or content download. It could also be a discount, or in some cases, free goods or services. Regardless of the form of the incentive, it needs to be compelling to your customers. They must feel that they’re getting something out of it.

If you expect to grow sales through email marketing campaigns, avoid just sending rounds of announcements. Step into your customers’ shoes and think about what you can offer in regards to your products and services that they will actually want. Remember that customers stand to serve their own wants and needs. You want to be the business to which they turn to do so.

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Compelling Calls to Action

Creating email marketing offers that sell requires attention to two components: the offer or incentive itself, and the call to action. Remember that email marketing is a direct marketing channel, meaning your campaigns can be narrowly tailored to each recipient. And having a great email marketing offer is half the battle. You then have to consider how your recipients accept and opt-in.Whether you want people to download something, buy something, or sign up for something, they will have to click a button (or text link) in your email marketing message.

Even if all you’re promoting is free content (like a white paper), there are ways to make that call to action work harder.

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