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Even as social media and mobile apps grow in popularity, email marketing remains a powerful tool.Consider this finding by the Pew Research Center: email and search remain the most popular online activities. Sofor small businesses, it means that email marketing needs to be central to your marketing mix.

To get the best results from your campaigns on your target market, you must keep the following points in mind:

  • Your messages must be targeted: Regardless of what you’re saying or offering, it has to be aimed at the right people. This can be as general as all of the people you look to serve (for instance, a local restaurant marketing a lunch menu to local offices), or it can be a very specific (like a birthday message or offer to everyone in your customer list born in January).
  • Relevance: On the surface, this may seem like the same thing as targeting. But relevance has to do with the connection between your target and your messages. Do your offers make sense for the target? And would your target market find the information you’re sending useful and valuable?

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Where email differs from traditional advertising, however, is that it requires permission. Customers have to let you know it’s all right to message them, but they don’t have to give you permission to follow them on Twitter or serve an ad during their Web browsing.

  • Building relationships: Because your subscribers have given you permission to contact them, it’s best to honor that permission by providing value in return. Even messages that seem very sales-oriented provide value. Think about Amazon.com’s messages. Even though they mainly contain links to purchase items, Amazon delivers value through its ability to suggest books and movies that customers will like, based on what they’ve already purchased. On the other end of the spectrum, many travel companies (like Kayak.com) send newsletters chock full of great tips and interesting info about destinations, not just links to buy tickets. By providing value in your email communications, you will be fulfilling your end of the relationship with your subscribers.

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