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Why and How to Connect Email Marketing and Social Media


Link All of Your Marketing Communications to Social Media

You might think that as usage of a new channels like Facebook and Twitter go up, usage of a slightly older channel, like email, would go down. But that’s not exactly true. People seem to be finding ways to simply consume more media more of the time. That’s why connecting email marketing and social media is the perfect way to use customers’ new communication habits to your marketing advantage.

Why Connect the Two?

The first and most basic reason is that integrated marketing just works better. If you connect your marketing offers across multiple channels, your customers and prospects will see more of you. They’ll start to think of you when they think of their needs, and you’ll be giving them the option to engage with you through the channels they like best. 

The second reason is revealed by the data. A recent Nielsen study began with the hypothesis that increased social media usage would lead to a decrease in email usage. As it turned out, however, the study showed that people who use social media a lot actually use email a lot, too. In other words,an active consumer of one is likely to be a high consumer of the other.

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How to Connect Email and Social Media

What does this data mean for you? For one, it shows that integrating the two channels will increase your reach. Your products, services, offers, and brand will likely be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels by those most engaged with your emails. 

The easiest way to get started is to share your own email marketing offers on your profiles. With pbSmart Connections, nothing could be simpler. By connecting your marketing to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can efficiently post your messages and offers, and then track their performance. 

Social Media Examiner also has some great ideas on how you can connect email marketing to social media.

What Next?

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