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5 Great Ways to Contact Your Customers



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The old business saw is true: it's much cheaper to keep a customer than it is to go out and find a new one. Thus the most valuable asset in your business is your existing customer list. In order to keep your company top of mind you need to contact your customers, and stay in touch with them.

Remember, you should never contact your target customer without a good reason. Otherwise, you could turn them off or, worse, be considered a spammer.

Here are the 5 best ways to contact your customers:

  1. Email–Email marketing can be done via e-newsletters which can be sent weekly, monthly or quarterly. You can also send broadcast emails that are sporadic, concise announcements which inform the customer about one special thing. Auto-responders,which are specific email marketing messages that are written in advance and automatically go out to subscribers on certain days, can also be set up in an email marketing system.
  2. Direct Mail–Letters, postcards, menus, and flyers are all forms of direct mail which can be targeted geographically by zip code to your target customers or mailed to your existing customer base.
  3. SMS Text/Mobile–With your customers' permission you can contact them using text messages on their mobile phone. A good way to use this is to announce coupons, specials, or appointment reminders or openings.
  4. Social Media–Social media marketing puts your rolodex on steroids. Using social media allows you to communicate with you entire database at one time depending on the method used.Twitter,Facebook, and LinkedInare all great social media networking sites and a solid way to expand your prospects beyond your existing customers. Be sure that you understand the culture of each site before diving in to the conversations.
  5. Event Marketing–A great way to invite people to a grand opening, workshop, or holiday party is to send an invitation usingevite.comor useeventbrite.comto conduct an event marketing campaign. These services allow users to create tickets, contact or name tag lists, and generate automatic reminder email messages to invited guests and registered attendees.

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  • http://www.shawngraham.me Shawn Graham

    All can be effective and should be considered when mapping out your small business marketing strategy.

    With so many businesses jumping onboard the social media bandwagon, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd based solely on status updates and tweets. That means you need to look at building an integrated strategy that even includes direct mail, something I blogged about today http://shawngraham.me/index.php/blog/mastering-the-lost-art-of-direct-mail-marketing

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