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VIDEO: The Small Business Customer Communications Makeover – Premiere Care Homecare

The final set of videos from the Small Business Makeover Contest features Premiere Care Homecare, a home healthcare agency serving several counties in Florida. The company has been successful in growing their profile with patients and hospitals, but wants to increase their influence amongst another key market — those close to patients in need of care.

We visited Premiere Care Homecare with our team of experts — Melinda Emerson, Jane Applegate, and Phil Simon — to learn more about the challenges and goals of the company regarding customers communications. We gave Premiere Care Homecare’s team tips on targeting customers online, using email marketing to stay in touch, and creating an effective Facebook presence.


Episode #1


Episode #2


Episode #3


You can learn more about Premiere Care Homecare at: http://premiercarehomecare.com/v1/

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