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QR Codes Scanned by Over 14 Million Americans


QR code marketing for small business

Over 14 million Americans, or 6.2 percent of the total mobile audience, have scanned QR codes with their mobile phone, according to a 2011 study conducted by comScore Inc. As a snapshot of QR codes use across the US, it is undeniable proof that they are catching on.Some of the key points covered in the QR code study include:

  • Demographic breakdown of QR code users by age, gender and income level
  • Most popular media sources scanned
  • Most popular locations for scanning QR codes

The demographic profile contains perhaps the most interesting statistics for marketers, identifying the highly sought after 25 to 34 age group as the one containing the highest percentage of the QR code audience.

Read the full comScore article here.

If you’ve thought about using QR codes to market your business, this is a great time to try them out. They’re affordable and have the unique ability to bridge your offline marketing to your online destinations. This is important because, classically, offline efforts have not had the benefits of digital data. Consider this, if you buy ad space in a local magazine, how would you measure the effectiveness of that ad? Well, you could include a special website URL (www.your_business.com/specialoffer123), which is great. But that still requires someone to take the initiative and manually enter that URL in a Web browser. If you include a QR code on that ad, however, you can give people an instant option for engagement.

QR Codes Marketing from pbSmart Codes by Pitney Bowes

For example, let’s say you’d like another way to build your email list. You can use a QR code campaign to achieve that goal. You could print the code on ads, posters, postcards, or any other promotional medium. The code, when snapped, can be set up to lead to an email sign-up form. When people register via that form, you could automatically send them a coupon or other email-based reward. Be sure to communicate the value of snapping your QR codes — customers need to know there is something in it for them when volunteering their information.

Have you used QR codes to achieve any of your marketing goals?

What’s Next?

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  • http://codigocube.com Jim

    The number of scans will skyrocket once our game goes national this year The first fusion between an App and a Board Game! Codigo Cube. http://youtu.be/blX-kO9aLn8

    • http://www.pbsmartessentials.com justinamendola

      Very cool app, Jim. Care to share any insights on how consumers are using it?

  • http://codigocube.com Jim

    Not an app a smartphone boardgame where when you roll the dice scan and your up to date trivia question appears can play with up to 100 players your phone is part of the game rather than an app on the phone. answer all sides of the dice correctly and you win. Watch geekbeattv playing http://geekbeat.tv/codigo-cube-review-a-dice-game-for-your-smartphone/

  • http://www.broadcastingonpaper.com John Noi

    There are a million ways QR Codes can be used in marketing but what I’d like to see is more applications where QR Codes are used to create convenience for consumers, or provide a benefit that excites them. One simple application which isn’t being utilised is placing a Qr Code on CD albums or posters which would enable consumers to preview albums in shops or on the go. This could also work for movie posters, especially useful when you’d like to see a movie but don’t know what any of the films are about when passing by a cinema.

    • http://www.pbsmartessentials.com justinamendola


      Great point about using QR codes to preview CD albums. Here’s a link to a real pbSmart Codes customer who is using QR codes to do just that. His name is Moshe Hecht and he’s an up-and-coming singer/songwriter from Brooklyn.

      Moche Hecht Uses QR Codes to Promote His Music

      Enjoy the video!


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