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8 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile Website


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Does your small business need a mobile website? Most often the answer to that question is “yes”, but you still might be wondering how a mobile website can help grow your business.

As more Americans purchase mobile devices, the need for a strong mobile-friendly web presence is becoming increasingly important for small businesses. Those who don’t take the necessary steps to take advantage of the developing mobile trends risk falling behind their competitors. A mobile website is a great tool to keep up and even get ahead of your competition by making you more accessible to the mobile masses. Despite that, many businesses might still wonder if they really do need a mobile website.

This PDF guide from Pitney Bowes looks at 8 ways a mobile website can help you grow your business, providing information on how a mobile website can help you:

  • Reach the mobile majority by making themselves more accessible to the 2/3 of Americans who already own a smart phone or tablet computer
  • Stay ahead of competitors who haven’t invested in a mobile website yet by taking advantage of this great way to connect with your customers
  • Grow your customer list by using it to capture customer email addresses
  • Take advantage of local review sites to provide potential customers with an easy way to connect with information and promotional offers from your organization
  • Support other marketing initiatives by providing QR code links to your mobile website on direct mail pieces or links to your mobile website in marketing emails
  • Keep up with larger businesses by using your mobile website to look increasingly more trustworthy and professional
  • Easily add to your web presence without having to build a costly mobile app that you may not even need

8 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile Website
This article from Pitney Bowes looks at 8 reasons you should build a mobile website for your small business. Download the guide today and find out why you should embrace this important marketing channel.
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