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10 Ways to Promote Your Small Business Website


10 Ways to Promote a Small Business Website

Your website is the most important element of yoursmall business marketing mix. It's more important than a brochure or a business card. Let's face it—few people are using the yellow pages to find vendors these days, so your no. 1 job is to make sure that your customers can find you on the Internet. So how do you market your website to build your business and get more customers? Here are 10 tactics:

1. Fortify Your Home Base. Make sure your site is professional looking, and that all the links work! Have clear information on how people can hire you and complete contact details, and use a contact form. Make sure that you have three to five ways to engage potential customers once they arrive at your site. Examples: Offer them a free monthly e-newsletter, give away a free chapter download of your book or e-book, orask them to sign up for the RSS feed of your blog.

2. Develop a Blog. Make sure that you know the search terms customers will use to find you online. Once you have this information, you should develop content that specifically addresses their needs. Create a content strategy with articles, videos and audio clips that answer questions and provide solutions. You must blog two to three times a week to be taken seriously and to stay on your customers’ minds. The more the better. Producing quality content is your best website marketing strategy.

3. Use Keywords Intelligently. It is important that you know your top 5 keywords. It is particularly important to place the words in the titles of your blog posts. They should be used throughout the website content too, but be careful not to overdo it. You want to make sure that you do not turn off your target audience or search engines by stuffing your site with unnecessary keywords.

4. Offer a Free Giveaway. You should create a special report from your signature content that you give away for free in exchange for an email address. It should be your best stuff. You will never get a client to do business with you if you start the relationship by giving them junk.

5. Use SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of awebsite in search engines via “natural” or un-paid search. Your activities boost your online brand and you drive traffic to your website.

6. Set Weekly Goals to Obtain In-bound Links. Ten to 25 links per week is a good number. List yourself in business directories, comment on blogs and send out press releases to help achieve your weekly goals. SEO optimization is highly reliant on in-bound link numbers, but quality of where the links come from is important, too.

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7. Review Your Google Analytics. Check your analytics for your “bounce rate.” Do people leave your site quickly after they arrive? If so, why aren’t they staying? You can do a lot to draw traffic, but if they come and leave quickly, you’ve wasted all your efforts. Invest in having your Google Analytics results reviewed by a professional so that you can tweak your content strategy. Once your figure out what your audience likes, give them more over it.

8. Leverage Social Media Profiles. Take advantage of all opportunities to link your website to your social media profiles. For example, if you use LinkedIn, make sure your have pulled in your blog (if you have one) and list your website in your Twitter profile. Also, create a Facebook Fan Page with a link back to your business website.

9. Use Social Networking Sites. Choose two social networks where your customers are hanging out online. Use social media to network and push out your blog content. Use a 4:1 ratio of promoting other people’s content over your own. Remember that social media is about mutual interaction, so don’t be all about promoting your business. Share other people’s content, and they will promote yours.

10. Build Community Online. Use social media to win friends and ask and answer questions. This will help you demonstrate your thought leadership. As you build your online reputation, it becomes a valuable asset to bring in more site visitors.

Do you have another method to promote a small business website?

What Next?

Promote and Grow Your Business!
Connect with your customers through email and social media with pbSmart Connections. Send your own email newsletters, invitations and promotions. Track your emails and see results.
Get your free 60 day trial and start promoting your business!



Melinda F. Emerson, known to many asSmallBizLadyis one of America's leading small business experts. As CEO of MFE ConsultingLLC,Melinda educates entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies on subjects including small business start-up, business development and social media marketing. Melindais also the author of the national bestsellerBecome Your Own Boss in 12 months; A Month-by-Month Guide to a Business That Works. Melinda is not a Pitney Bowes employee, and shares her opinions on this blog as a paid contributor.

  • http://lifewithjayandmisha.com Tamisha

    Great advice given here!

  • http://www.adrianadossantos.etsy.com Adriana dos Santos

    Thanks for sharing. I have just opened my online business and realize now how important it is, for instance, #9. Using social networking sites is a valuable tool to promote online business.

  • http://www.facebook.com/socialactivist Social Activist

    This is a great guide to adhere to, thanks!

  • http://www.salonnoa.net SALON NOA


  • http://www.business-money-source.com Jim


    This is a very good article to keep one grounded in the consistent work that it takes to build a successful online business. There is so much hype nowadays about instant riches that I believe many people give up too soon.

    You tell it like it really is. Link building, content creation, SEO and alot of other mundane tasks are reguired to have a successful website.

  • http://www.pbsmartessentials.com justinamendola


    You’re spot on. One of the things the Pitney Bowes team loves so much about Melinda is her perspective that there are no short cuts in online marketing. While small businesses have many tools at their disposal, there is no substitute for persistent hard work.

    Just opening a basic website and joining Facebook won’t generate long-term results. It’s attention to detail over a long period that eventually moves the needle in a big way.

    Thanks for reading the blog and we look forward to hearing from you again.


  • http://www.SMBmarketer.com Sue Watkins

    Another strategy to promote your website is to issue press releases on a regular basis. This helps you to keep your content recency and relevancy up. Your press releases should feature your top keyword phrases and included links back to your website. By posting to the outside world using a wire service, you can also help your search marketing efforts.

    Great article! Thanks for sharing!
    Sue Watkins

  • http://www.risqueattitude.com lisa dworak

    Very interesting! Thank you for the in site.

  • http://twitter.com/BusinessPartnrs Angelinvestor8

    And when you do create a blog, it shouldn’t be too self-serving, but should provide value to readers!

  • http://www.getlogostuff.com Thomas Ketterer

    Good article with good information. I'd like to make a couple of additional suggestions.

    Do not ignore the other segments of your marketing mix. They all need to work together to help you reach your objectives.

    Always consider the demographics of the ideal client in your target audience. What are other proactive ways to get your web address and company information in front of these potential clients beyond those mentioned in the article? Does your target audience attend public events or trade shows? Is your target audience in a geographic region where they can be reached by a direct mail piece, or media like newspaper, TV, or radio? What do they have in common that you can use to get in front of them?

    There are many simple and low cost ways to increase exposure with other segments of your marketing mix. Have live links to your site in your email signature to your website. Make sure your web address/QR code is easy to find on all of your collateral material and business cards. Your web address/QR code can also be printed on creative and useful items that would be appealing to your target audience like t-shirts, travel mugs, or whatever will carry the message best to them. Create a referral program for your satisfied clients.

    Most important of all –make sure all of your marketing efforts have quantifiable goals that you can use to determine your return on investment. It is definitely not the fun part of marketing, but it will be the only way you can determine if your investment is getting the results you desire. It will help you adjust your marketing mix to meet your objectives and maximize your return.

    • http://www.pbsmartessentials.com rohangandhi

      Thomas – thanks for posting. You raise great points, especially regarding tracking and quantifying. I agree that it’s important to not let your marketing spend become a “black hole”. Also, good points on acknowledging other media spends. Sometimes the allure of the web is so entrancing that we forget our markets eyeballs and ears can be found through other mediums.

  • http://www.infishhawk.com Cubed

    I saved this post to read and just got to it today….sad it took me that long. Great advice that I plan to follow. I need to post these 10 steps on my cork board to look at everyday.

    • http://www.pbsmartessentials.com justinamendola

      Hey, Rob. Thanks for visiting and for the comment. We hope you continue to read our posts and find other pieces of information useful.

  • http://www.krsmconsulting.com KR Social Media Consulting

    This article was great! Also all of the information from everyone has given us a few more ideas. Thanks to everyone.

  • http://www.envecreative.com Sarah

    The #1 most important thing that small business owners must remember – what all these great points lead to – is that they have to stay active and involved with their websites. Too often, small business owners stop putting effort into their sites after they launch. What’s worse, they still expect results even though the site isn’t changed or updated and they refrain from social media interactions. The work is just beginning!

    • http://www.pbsmartessentials.com justinamendola


      You offer great advice. Fresh content and constant interaction is required to build a successful online channel. Even with those ingredients, patience is required because this stuff isn’t built overnight. Small business owners need to maintain faith in their vision and have the perseverance to continue the hard work until the result start to show.


  • http://SalonSelects.com Abbey Strine

    Thank you for the great advice. I just started my own website business and suggestions like these are very helpful.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/50dollardesigns Sharon

    Its good to know the amount of backlinks I am working on is realistic. I have just started a website but do not want to buy the domain unless I can get business.

  • http://www.marketingoutfield.com/ Dave Hubbard

    Great advice. You work hard to attract visitors to your site, but the reality is that most of the people who visit your website don’t become customers. They probably need more time and information before they make a decision. If you can get their email address, you have another opportunity to convert them into a customer by engaging them with additional information. That’s why point 4 above is so important.



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  • Joeseph Davis

    Leverage is key, I so agree with number 8.. You may also want to check out kungphoo – they are doing some cool stuff for promoting small business…

  • alexandria scott

    You have given us 10 practical tips that will help us promote and expand our business positively. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for helping us improve our online venture. You have given us ample amount of information that will help us keep going.

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