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Small Business Tips for Retaining Quality Employees


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One of the biggest challenges that small businesses face on a regular basis is attracting and retaining quality employees. Every person that you hire is a reflection of your business and where you want it to go in the future. So when you find an employee whose values line up with yours, obviously, you don’t want to lose them. But it can be easy to get caught up in your day-to-day operations and forget to show your employees how much you appreciate them.

Fast Company recently published a blog post, Low-Cost Ways To Show Employees They’re Highly Valued, which looked at 30 ways to improve staff engagement and keep your best employees.

One of the tips Fast Company offered was giving your employees more control over their schedules. You can do this by proposing flex time or telecommuting programs. And that extra flexibility can prove to be a win-win situation over the short and long terms:

  • Your employees will be more productive, as they can work at their peak hours, not to mention the fact that they won’t have to deal with the stress of commuting. Plus, they will probably have fewer distractions working from home than they will have working from a busy office.
  • You can reduce your overhead. If your employees have different schedules, they can share office space and equipment.
  • You’ll improve your employee retention rates. Today’s employees are looking for employers that value their work-life balance. If you give your employees flexibility, they will be more likely to stay with your organization.


What about you? How do you like to improve employee engagement? Feel free to share your comments and questions below.  

What Next?

For more information on how flex time can benefit your organization, read Rely on Flexible Scheduling and Virtual Workers to Improve Customer Service.

  • http://www.shawngraham.me Shawn Graham

    Flex time and telecommuting can definitely help–especially when the weather is either really nice or really bad. A lot of companies are worried employees will abuse such arrangements but I would argue that’s a good indication they shouldn’t be working for you in the first place.

    You might even want to create your very own Extra Effort award internally as a way of recognizing the contributions of your top performers and encouraging others to emulate their efforts.

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