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Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the greatest single driver of long-term value for your small business. Loyal customers buy more frequently from your business and share good news about it with potential customers. There are several components to building customer loyalty. These components range from developing efficient customer communications programs to understanding customer perceptions about your business. Whether your business uses social media, email marketing, or direct mail as a primary communications channel with its customers, posts in this section will offer tips on how your small business can build customer loyalty.

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How to Mine Your Current Customer (Profit) Gold

Fact: The cost to find and win a new client is vastly higher than the cost to retain a current client.
Don’t believe me?
Consider your expense and resource commitments to find and win new business.  How long does it… Read this Article »


Nicole Fende

September 27, 2012



Best of the Blog: Get Better at Communicating With Your Customer Base

It is always cheaper to keep a customer than it is to find a new one, and the best way to keep them is through regular, quality communication.  This blog looks at the why and how of staying in touch… Read this Article »

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Melinda Emerson

September 25, 2012


Consumer Loyalty Diving Deeper

Customer Loyalty Programs: Knowing Your Customer is Key

As we have outlined on this blog in the past, customer loyalty programs are not only within reach of small businesses, they are a natural fit.  Long before the introduction of points cards or buyers clubs, proprietors at small mom-and-pop… Read this Article »

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Rohan Gandhi

July 26, 2012

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customer loyalty

What Makes a Successful Loyalty Program

Whether consciously or not, almost every small business runs some kind of loyalty program.  It seems only natural to show our appreciation to regular customers, occasionally saying, “no charge for this one today”, or “here’s a little something extra”.
As… Read this Article »


Rohan Gandhi

July 12, 2012

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Happy customers

Keeping Your Customers with Email Marketing

Keeping your customers is crucial to your business success. If you are going to succeed as your own boss, you must understand that the most valuable asset in your business is your existing customer list. Now hear this: It’s cheaper… Read this Article »


Rohan Gandhi

July 2, 2012


Build customer relationships

Customer Retention: Keep Customers by Growing Relationships Online

Whether you call them customers, clients, patrons or something else altogether, nothing is more important to your business than the folks who buy your products and services.… Read this Article »

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Matt Mansfield

June 12, 2012


Direct Mail Advertising

What Zappos.com Can Teach You About Building Customer Loyalty

Small businesses have a big advantage over their super-sized competitors when it comes to building customer loyalty – the ability to have more one-on-one interactions with customers.  Many small businesses try to differentiate themselves based on this personal service and… Read this Article »

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Justin Amendola

May 14, 2012